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Portrait of the Artist

John Smith
John Smith began his career in second grade, finger-painting flowers on the walls at Woodburn Elementary School one bored afternoon. Rather than punishment, Principal Skinner liked the artwork so much he kept it up, crediting Mr. Smith with his first work.

John won numerous awards for his painting and fine artwork in high school and was accepted in a scholarship program at the University, where he excelled in several mediums, including paint, sculpture, ceramics and watercolor. His credits include magazine covers for Woodwinds Monthly, Gazette Business, Martin’s Daily and Woodpeckers of North America.

For the past twelve years John Smith has worked in ad agencies, design firms and on his own producing commercial artwork for magazines, brochures, direct mail, advertising and displays. He has designed several exhibition pieces and works as a freelance artist in the city and across the region.

Credited works include clients such as:
The Aquarium
Danfield Zoo and Parks
Tendencies Magazine
The Beacon
The Gazette
Business Monthly
The London Financial Times
The Hospital for Sick Children
Martin’s Pet Shops

John Smith can be reached anytime at his studio in Anytown:

(212) 555-4321
(212) 555-1234 fax
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